Nowadays, one out of two people will get cancer at least once in their lifetime. There are many patients and their families around me who are battling cancer. Some are fortunate enough to survive, while others fall halfway through their battle, despite their best efforts. I have been involved in the research and development of new cancer drugs with the hope of developing as many methods as possible to fight cancer and to increase the number of people who survive the battle against cancer. I encountered cancer immunotherapy, a treatment technology for the 21st century that utilizes the function of the immune system in cancer treatment. This technology can be further boosted by nanotechnology, which has the potential to dramatically increase the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy. We have established our company with the aim of commercializing the fusion of nanotechnology and cancer immunotherapy, or “nano-immunotherapy. I will devote my entire life to the realization of rapid social implementation of this next-generation technology, while mobilizing the power of researchers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and investors (“United”).

Naozumi Harada, Ph.D. Chairman and Founder

Cancer immunology such as immune checkpoint inhibitors has become one of central pillars of cancer treatment. However, there are still a certain number of patients who do not respond to this kind of treatment. We would like to disseminate the innovative therapeutic approach through the action on innate immunity (macrophages), which is still unexplored, as a Japan-originated innovation. We will promote our corporate activities with the prompt feedback of research results to patients as our ethics of conduct.

Masato Kishida, Ph.D., MBA President